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  1. Gas chromatography GC with FID, MS detector Manufacturer: SCION – Origin: England (Meet USP standard chapter 467 for solvent content in pharmaceuticals):https://scioninstruments.com/solutions/scion-436-456-gc/
  2.  High performance liquid chromatography HPLC Manufacturer: SCION – Origin: England with UV, PAD, FL, ELSD detector: https://scioninstruments.com/solutions/scion-lc-6000/
  3. Atomic absorption spectrometer AAS Manufacturer: AURORA – CANADA:  (Meet USP standards chapter 231 and 232 of heavy metals in pharmaceuticals): https://vietnguyenco.vn/thuong-hieu/aurora-canada/
  4. Dissolution Test Apparatus – Tablet Disintegration Apparatus – Hardness Tester Manufacturer: LABINDIA – Origin: India (Meet USP standard Chapter 711 and chapter 1092): https://www.labindia-analytical.com/product/analytical-products/disintegration-tester/disintegration-1000
  5. Total organic carbon TOC meter Manufacturer: TEKMAR – Origin: US (Meet US Pharmacopoeia standard chapter 643 for water purification in pharmaceutical factories / laboratories): http://www.teledynetekmar.com/products/total-organic-carbon-(toc)/fusion-uv-persulfate
  6. Laboratory ultrapure water purifier Manufacturer: EVOQUA – Origin: Germany (Meet ISO 3639:1987 standard): https://www.evoqua.com/en/brands/lab/Pages/Evoqua-LaboStar-Pro-TWF.aspx
  7.  Analytical balance Manufacturer: PRECISA – Origin: Switzerland: https://www.precisa.com/products?f=Analytical
  8.  UV-VIS spectrophotometer Manufacturer: JASCO – Origin: JAPAN (Meet USP standard chapter 857 for laboratory analysis): https://jasco-europe.businesscatalyst.com/spectrophotometers.html
  9. FTIR spectrophotometer Manufacturer: JASCO – Origin: JAPAN: https://jasco-europe.businesscatalyst.com/ftir-spectrometers.html
  10. Refrigerator, freezer, medicine storage cabinets Manufacturer: KIRSCH – Origin: Germany: https://www.kirsch-medical.com/products/pharmaceutical-refrigerators.html
  11. Incubator / oven / cold incubator Manufacturer: FROILABO – Origin: France: https://www.froilabo.com/en/products
  12.  Laboratory washing machine with drying Manufacturer: SMEG – Origin: Italia: https://www.smeg-instruments.com/laboratory-division/glassware-washers-of-small-dimensions/
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